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About Aquarius

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As the world changes and the new era of education reshapes, we need adaptive school systems and curriculum. That's why the learning methods in Aquarius are technology-driven, essential in the 21st century. 
Jon Vikan, Founder
Why Aquarius
Aquarius gives children opportunities to explore a learning system that develops one's character, resilience, and motivation to pursue their goals.
Learning Philosophy
We believe in the learning philosophy of combining different learning methods such as online tutoring, daily learning-app routine, engaging with other children online, and occasional in-person play-dates!
Meaningful Play
Children engaging in meaningful play applied in real‐life and imaginary activities can challenge and expound their critical thinking. Researchers and educators found that it's the key to learning!
Having Fun
Meaningful play can help enrich the knowledge and development of critical skills such as inquiry, expression, experimentation, and teamwork. And having fun is a valuable factor in their learning experience! 

The name Aquarius

So why did we decide to call the school Aquarius?
In the past 150 years, the world was mostly focused on earth-element-related issues. Those issues were about making money, getting prestige, mass production, profiting and materialism.

2020 marks a new beginning! It’s called the Air Era which favors abstract ideas over material things.

The three Air signs are Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. Initiating the Air Era is Aquarius, represented by the words: online, technology, anywhere, anytime, community, inclusivity, green and personalised. These are words which resonates well with our approach and that’s why we decided to call our school Aquarius.

The logo is a combination of  ≈ (Aquarius) and  🜁 (Air), with the colours yellow (Gemini), pink (Libra) and of course blue (Aquarius).
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To give all children access to an education that helps them become the best version of themselves
Our teachers

Meet our core team

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.
Soul Programme - Sally Forrest
Soul Programme - Vikas Malkani
Norwegian Language - Kristina Åbø

Theatre Classes - Jacklyn Kuah
Body Programme - Claire Pettitt
Body Programme - Kathy Lowes-Switzer


Why do we give 10% of the profit to charity?
We want to equip underprivileged kids with tablets, so they also have access to education and can follow their passion.
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