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Keeps your child in touch with Norwegian language and culture
Norskskolen is a great opportunity for our 6-year old to get introduced to the Norwegian language and culture in a fun and engaging way! It has been a very positive experience, with friendly and helpful teachers. Highly recommended to other families in the same situation
Parents of 6 year old
Sjømannskirken i Singapore
Previous location for Norskskolen
About Norskskolen (now Aquarius)
Norskskolen has offered Norwegian language courses taught by devoted teachers. Since their establishment in Singapore, 1983, thousands of children have developed their language skills in fun and inspiring ways.

Aquarius is a brand under Norwegian Cultural Center Pte. Ltd. registered in Singapore July 2020 by Olga & Jon Vikan

Kristina Åbø

Educator @ Aquarius Home School
Meet the Educator
Hi! I'm Kristina, and I am the educator at Norskskolen. I was born in Norway, lived in Singapore for 7 years, and have spent the past 4 years living in the UK. I hold a master's degree in Human Rights, and have experience within the Child Care sector. I look forward to a fun course ahead!

Norskskolen er et tilbud for barn som bor i utlandet for å opprettholde sine norsk-kunnskaper. Vi tar i utgangspunktet hensyn til barnas ferdigheter, og tilpasser deretter timene etter hver enkelt behov. Klassene består av en blanding av oppgaver og spill, med et fokus på å få snakket norsk i en hverdag hvor dette ikke er rutinepålagt. Pensum varierer basert på ferdighet og alder, hvor de yngste har større behov for lek og frihet, mens eldre barn kan både øve på og vedlikeholde ordforråd og rettskriving. Mvh Kristina

  • Weekly 40-minute online session with other students and a mentor
  • Recommended apps for daily language learning use (both free and paid apps)
  • Opportunity for in-person meetings
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  • Start the subscription whenever you want, and cancel whenever you want
  • Zoom sessions will be planned and agreed between the educator and the parents
  • Our educators are fluent in Norwegian and have extensive childcare experience
  • Supplementing the speaking practice, we propose specific apps. Costs of apps are not included in the monthly subscription.
  • You will have the opportunity to contact other parents for playdates and excursions within the Norskskolen-Aquarius community. 
We are very happy to have found Norskskolen. Our 5 year old daughter finally has an opportunity to learn about the Norwegian language and culture in a friendly environment with great teachers. Highly recommended to anyone who are living abroad and need to maintain a connection to Norway.
Bjarte Olsen
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Norwegian language for kids


Continuous Enrolment throughout the year